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Throughout the previous steps we’ve been dealing with our own stuff. In Step 8 it’s time to grow up, consider others and take responsibility for our actions like a mature person.


Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn 

Ten decisions that will transform your life and ten lies that can prevent you from making them.

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: RESPECT  

At the heart of all relationships lies the issue of respect. But if we don’t respect ourselves first we can’t and won’t respect others.

HEALING HURTS :: Self-Hatred

Self-hatred takes on many forms… From drug and alcohol abuse all the way to the most serious problem of cutting. As with all sin, self-destruction has escalated over time. How can we get past the need to inflict pain to feel alive? 

Removing The Mask

Who are we underneath the masks we wear? Do we dare to look? The truth may be painful but with Truth comes healing.  

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