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Working the Steps :: STEP 12

We’re now ready to carry our life message to others; to practice these principles in all our affairs.


The End of Overeating: 
Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite   

David A. Kessler, MD  

With the latest brain science and interviews with top physicians, discover the food industry’s aggressive marketing tactics and learn shocking facts about how we lost control over food and how to get it back.

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: GENEROSITY

What better Virtue to study this season? Let’s focus our energies on what we can do for others rather than what we will get.                                                                                         


Healing Hurts :: OVEREATING

Our desire to eat can be a real problem. Often it sneaks up on us when we are depressed, lonely or hormonal. Let’s learn how to establish feasible boundaries and create healthy eating habits. 




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Working the Steps :: STEP 11

Let’s plug into our power source for guidance, serenity and healing by drawing near to God in prayer and meditation.


The Fantasy Fallacy: 

Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts

by Shannon Ethridge

As a recovering sex addict who struggled with fantasy for most of my life, I couldn’t be more excited about this book. If you have challenges in this area there’s freedom to be found!

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: MODESTY

We don’t hear much about modesty today, though it is much needed. Do we even know what modesty looks like? Let’s learn the meaning of modesty and how to walk it out daily.

Healing Hurts :: SEX ADDICTION

What sounds like a lot of fun to the world is in reality a desperate, lonely, and painful life to live. I know because I lived most of my life this way. Do you struggle with sexual addiction? Let’s get to the root of the problem and find true freedom!

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Working the Steps :: STEP 10

With the first nine steps we got our house in order and changed some destructive habits. In Step 10 we begin the maintenance work of sustaining our accomplishments.


RELENTLESS: The Power You Need to Never Give Up

by John Bevere

Many Christians are not walking in the life-changing Grace of God available to them through Jesus Christ.  In Relentless John Bevere challenges us to take our faith to another level.

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: DETERMINATION

Do you have insurmountable obstacles in your path today? Are you trudging through life discouraged at every turn? Let’s study the ingredients of determination that can help us on our journey.

Healing Hurts :: INFERIORITY 

Are you constantly measuring yourself? Trying to be what you think others want you to be?  I have fought this battle most of my life. Let’s overcome the plague of inferiority together.

The Invisible Woman

Do you feel like no one sees or hears you? Everyone just looks right through you as if you weren’t there. How can we stop feeling invisible?

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Working the Steps: Step 9

Step Nine is a culmination of the forgiveness process: forgiving ourselves / others;  receiving forgiveness from God / others. But before we can forgive ourselves, we must first acknowledge the pain others have suffered because of our actions. 



Healing the Shame That Binds You

by John Bradshaw 

Unhealthy toxic shame learned in childhood and maintained in adulthood, is often the core component of our compulsions, co-dependencies, addictions and drives to over achieve. 

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t based on merit but grace. It’s a choice – a faith decision to not hold a grudge/sin against another person any longer… even ourselves. 

Healing Hurts :: Anger

Anger is a wide umbrella word covering many levels of the emotion… indignation, wrath, fury, rage.  How can we deal with this fire we have growing within? 



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Throughout the previous steps we’ve been dealing with our own stuff. In Step 8 it’s time to grow up, consider others and take responsibility for our actions like a mature person.


Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn 

Ten decisions that will transform your life and ten lies that can prevent you from making them.

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: RESPECT  

At the heart of all relationships lies the issue of respect. But if we don’t respect ourselves first we can’t and won’t respect others.

HEALING HURTS :: Self-Hatred

Self-hatred takes on many forms… From drug and alcohol abuse all the way to the most serious problem of cutting. As with all sin, self-destruction has escalated over time. How can we get past the need to inflict pain to feel alive? 

Removing The Mask

Who are we underneath the masks we wear? Do we dare to look? The truth may be painful but with Truth comes healing.  

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Working the Steps :: Step 7

In the first six steps we admitted powerlessness over our dependencies, turned our life over to God, looked honestly at ourselves, revealed hidden weaknesses, and became ready to change. Step Seven is the opportunity for God to remove our weaknesses. 

Feminism: Mystique or Mistake? (Renewing the Heart)


Feminism: Mystique or Mistake?

by Diane Passno

A candid look at today’s feminist movement and how it has affected every level of society.


Virtues ~n~ Vices :: HUMILITY

Next to love, humility is one of the most important virtues. Without humility it’s impossible for us to grow, simply because we don’t think we need to!

Healing Hurts :: Damaged Self-Image

What do you base your self-image on? Media influence, peer pressure, latest fashion trends? I think it’s safe to say most women struggle with their self-image. Let’s confront this battle head on and find answers that will lead to healing.

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Working the Steps: Step 6

Having completed Steps One through Five we may have the illusion that life is OK now. We set ourselves up for a fall and most importantly, we will miss the freedom and healing if we don’t continue the work ahead.



Strength in Weakness: 

Healing Sexual and Relational Brokenness 

by Andrew Comiskey

Our weaknesses can be “a threshold for holy power” the place where God meets us for healing and equips us for service in the Kingdom.                                                  



Virtues~n ~Vices :: Gratitude

An absence of gratitude for what we have leads us to seek an impossible ideal that can never be achieved. We must appreciate life before we can really live it.

Healing Hurts :: Inadequacy 

Plagued by severe feelings of inadequacy some women completely drop out of life. Let’s find help for this debilitating inhibition.

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Working the Steps: Step 5 
Having taken our moral inventory in April, it’s now time to admit the exact nature of our wrongs to ourselves, God and another person.

This month’s book review:  Restoring Sexual Identity by Anne Paulk  
Do you or someone you know struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction? Anne Paulk answers the most commonly asked questions from both homosexuals desiring change and friends and relatives of women struggling with same sex attraction

Virtues ~n~ Vices :: INTEGRITY  
Admitting wrongs to others is tough. So is standing up to your past and stepping out of an unwanted lifestyle. Let’s talk about what it means to live a life of integrity.

Healing Hurts :: Personal Identity Crisis
Do you find yourself asking, “What is my purpose in life?” Women are dizzy with doubt about who they are and what they’re supposed to do with their life. Let’s work through this tough time of life together.

Are You Hiding Behind Your Baggage?
We all have baggage from our past. But when we hide behind it instead of taking the next step to grow, we limit ourselves, our relationships and our future.

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Working the Steps: Step 4 
We’ll learn how to take our personal inventories, both moral and spiritual; uncovering weaknesses and balancing them with our strengths.

This month’s book review:
Feeding Your Appetites by Stephen Arterburn
Money, sex, food, work, ego… what’s controlling you?

Virtues~n~Vices: COURAGE Having stepped through our moral and spiritual inventory and tackled what’s controlling our lives; it’s time to climb into the virtue of courage and learn what to do when we lose it.

Healing Hurts: ANXIETY 

Anxiety is an inevitable part of life. Whether stimulated by fear or worry, when life comes at us with both barrels we may go into a panic attack and shut down completely.

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