At RHW we publish a new column each Friday. We’re going through four specific studies with each series being published on a designated week of the month.

In THE RED SEA RULES series we’re using the wonderful book by Robert J. Morgan as our guideline for a deep study of Exodus 14. Join me on the fourth Friday of each month in 2020 as we apply Morgan’s “10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times” to our lives today.

You may recall from my book review of The Red Sea Rules in November 2019 that I’ve been reading this lovely book as a weekend devotion. It never fails to be spot on to certain situations I’m going through now. As I was praying about what to publish in 2020 on RHW, I thought what a great study this would be to do together with you.

Over the next 12 months we’re going on an Exodus excursion with Moses and the children of Israel. With the guidance of Robert J. Morgan and his excellent book The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times we will learn valuable life lessons that will help us overcome whatever struggles we experience today.

“Just as Moses and the Israelites found themselves caught between ‘the devil and the deep Red Sea,’ so are we sometimes overwhelmed by life’s problems. The Red Sea Rules reveals that even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations God promises to make a way for us. His loving guidance will protect us through danger, illness, marital strife, financial problems or whatever challenges Satan places in our path.” (from book cover)

Our first Red Sea Rule Study will be published on February 28. Thereafter you can expect a new column in this series on the fourth Friday of each month in 2020. December will be a wrap-up of what we’ve learned throughout the year.

I’m really looking forward to studying this series with you. The reading and research I’ve been doing thus far is fascinating. I’m learning so many things regarding the Exodus and application to our modern lives and spiritual growth. I hope you will join me for the journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Take a few minutes to remember how God has miraculously split the sea and rescued you in the past with this inspirational song by Hanna Kerr.