Isn’t It Funny How God Works?

Earlier this week I posted a blog. OK, that’s not big news, it’s what God taught me after the post that’s so cool.

Since I started writing my blog two years ago, I’ve been focusing on trying to become a better writer, post on a somewhat regular basis and grow my reader base.

For those who know me or have been following me for any time, you know Bill and I have moved multiple times in the last 3 years. (6 moves to be exact!) Needless to say, that can put a cramp in anyone’s writing style or schedule.

When I did get a chance to write, I would take several hours of an afternoon, armed with the inspiration God had given me and set out to write the best blog possible.

Carefully, consciously, creatively crafting…

Occasionally I get discouraged. Even though a lot of women follow me, I’ve only had a couple of comments post to my blogs these two years.

No long ago I found out that to post a comment on my blog you must sign up for a Gmail account because Blogger is a Google product. This has kept many readers from posting comments.

To deal with the Google issue I contracted with Feed Blitz to distribute my blogs in an email newsletter to my followers. That’s going well; my reader number continues to grow, but still little response.

Now to this week’s post…

On Tuesday instead of spending hours carefully crafting my blog, I just sat down and blurted out what was on my heart in about 15 minutes.

I’ve gotten several phone calls and multiple emails in response to that post.


What’s the lesson learned here???

Don’t try so hard.

Set a timer.

Go with the flow.

Share from my heart.

Trust the Lord, He’s in control!

It’s for Him that I write anyway!