I remember when Bill and I first went to the Intimacy seminar in Houston led by Dr. Doug Weiss. I was still living in serious denial of my addiction. Each of the couples were to do this ‘feeling’ exercise, where we took turns picking a feeling from a list and then sharing a time in our childhood when we felt that feeling. I found myself unable to even deal with these thoughts… these questions…my brain couldn’t handle it…It was so strange. Then Dr. Weiss commented that sex addicts have trouble with this exercise because they don’t know what or even how they really feel. Whoa! Now my brain was actually hurting… That was almost 4 years ago…I still struggle some days with expressing my feelings, but it gets easier the more I do it. The hardest part for me is getting the first word out. After that it’s almost a relief to know how I feel. A validation of who I really am.


I woke up this morning thanking God that I am no longer walking in the dark. Thankful that I am awake and aware of God’s goodness. No longer drifting along, wasting day after day, living for the next high or trying to make the next unlived fantasy come true. Thank you Lord for choosing me.

You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God. There is no other God, there never has been and never will be. I am the Lord, and there is no other Savior.
— Isaiah 43-10-11