From Uh-Oh to Awe!

Slogan writers and even we as a culture haven’t come up with a name to call the 2000’s decade. The 1900’s were popularly called “The Oughts”, so some want to call the 2000’s “The Naughts” in reference to how badly the decade went. Other’s refer to it as “The Oh-Oh’s (00’s) a pun to “The Naughts.” I personally will call it “The Uh-Oh’s!” Since I started the 2000’s making many bad choices, some I’m still paying for.

Fortunately, God allowed me to learn from my mistakes. I’ve been able to turn my mess into my message and create a ministry for women struggling with the same issues I had. I regret many of the things I did in the first half of the Uh-Oh decade, but if I hadn’t been through those experiences I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I don’t want to forget those years and what God delivered me from; the darkness, the loneliness, the emptiness; so I can fully relate to those who are still there today.

After hearing a visiting evangelist speak about 2010 being the year of restoration, I did some research on the meaning of the number ten. The Biblical the number 10 deals with completeness that happens in a divine order or completed during a course of time. There’s nothing left wanting in the cycle the number ten has just completed.

We were estranged from two of our adult children for most of the Uh-Oh years. Our youngest son recently returned not only to us, but to the Lord. We’re expecting to see full manifestation of a vision God gave me 3 years ago, both our sons and daughter standing together with us, one in Christ.

Yes, it’s a new day, a new year and finally a new decade! But it took the second half of the Uh-Oh’s to get here! Praise God the hardest part of recovery is behind me and my family.

We’re believing for complete, divine restoration of our family.

Until that time comes, we labor to rest in the Lord… in awe…

QUESTION:What are you believing God for during this upcoming decade?